Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Avoiding traps-scams from agencies which promise jobs abroad

Recently I found few articles referring to fake agencies which promised jobs abroad with many benefits, while they were asking payments from the future employees.

How to detect such traps?
Giving money to an agency for finding you a job is most probably a scam because the agencies do not work that way... Either you are dealing with armatures or with a scam agency.  Be aware that the agencies are usually paid (getting a fee) by the companies which are looking for new employees.
Do not believe everything they tell you. Unless you are a specialist in what you do and the job description is very specific, not many companies will pay an apartment for you, give you a car and pay you a lot of money. Be realistic. Scams are based on desperate people who are very focused on a way out.

Internet can be your friend. Use free job finding services like Monster.com and LinkedIn.com for finding a job.

Good luck!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

DutchNews.nl - Dutch unemployment rate drops for second month in a row

DutchNews.nl - Dutch unemployment rate drops for second month in a row: "The Dutch unemployment rate fell for the second month in a row in June as more people found paid employment, the national statistics office CBS said on Thursday.

The removal of 16,000 people from the jobless register took the unemployment rate down to 8.4%, the CBS said. The number of people claiming unemployment benefit (ww) also fell by 5,000 to 431,000.

In May the jobless total fell by 14,000.

Employment minister Lodewijk Asscher said in a reaction that finding work for those still claiming benefits is ‘an absolute top priority’ for the cabinet."