Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Using Google Alerts for finding a Job

Lately I start using Google Alerts for getting the employment trend in Europe.
But the same tool, can be used for finding a job...

- Go at (It might be needed to have a Google account...)
- Type in your Search Query
- Select the Result Type (since you are looking for a job on the web, it should be set to 'Everything')
- How Often? Well, 'As-it-Happens' or 'One a Day' if you want to have it fast... Be aware that choosing 'As-it-Happens' might create a huge email traffic, so it would be wise to make a filter at your email account and transfer the emails in a special folder.
- How Many? I suggest to use all results... so that you won't miss anything.

What are Google Alerts? from GoogleHelp

New job searching engines
All three have country and profession selecting options