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click on picture - More people are emigrating from the Netherlands - More people are emigrating from the Netherlands: "Last year, 144,175 people emigrated, the paper says, quoting figures from the national statistics office CBS. In 2011, nearly 134,000 people left and in 2010, 121,000.

The main reasons for leaving are unhappiness about the political climate, the economic crisis and the fact society is becoming ‘harder’ the paper says.

Germany, Belgium and England were the most popular destinations, followed by Scandinavian countries."

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - Dutch jobless rate hits 7.2% - Dutch jobless rate hits 7.2%: "A further 19,000 people joined the ranks of the unemployed in December, taking the total to 571,000, the CBS said. The jobless rate has been rising steadily since June 2011 when it was almost 5%.

The number of people claiming unemployment benefit (ww) rose by 70,000 in December, compared with December 2011, taking the total to 340,000.

In particular, there was a 70% increase in jobless benefit claims from people who lost their jobs in the building trade."